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Also for small parcel delivery service KAYAK is the right partner.

Phone : +3232266592
Mobile Nico : +32496127660


We take care of the customís clearance at the Airport, and provide transport, handling & storage service of spares and other parcels in our own warehouse


Landed goods are handled, stored and eventually forwarded to any destination.

Delivery and/or collection on board is guaranteed on time, 24/7.

Also for urgent matters our team is always available. We provide these services with our own personnel and equipment.

KAYAK MARITIME SERVICES also takes care of all adminstrative formalities (packing lists, custom's formalities, etc.)

Noorderlaan 17
Asiadok oostkaai 28

Kayak +32 3 227 26 50
Kayak Logistics +32 3 226 65 92
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